Episode 6: We're Back - With Dr. David Miller of UCONN

After a long hiatus, we're back! We've got a few interviews lined up in the next month or so.

First up, is an interview I conducted with Dr. David B. Miller at the University of Connecticut.
A few months ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video Dr. Miller created, called "Lecture Fail, PowerPoint and Keynote Misuse." I was thrilled. Here was an experienced professor explaining the downfall of bullet points and showing his version of effective lecture slides using animation, sound, and other multimedia.

I decided right then that I had to get him on the podcast, and after a few exchanges via YouTube comments and e-mails, we met via Skype.

Show Notes

Dr. Miller is a professor in the Dept of Psychology at UCONN. His main research interests are in animal behavior for which he has a podcast series. The internet connection for our interview was a bit shaky, so the audio isn't perfect. I've done my best to clean it up, but the ideas and tips Dr. Miller shares are more than worth it. Continue listening to hear how he uses the flipped classroom model by making his lectures available via podcast, how he evolved from Hypercard to Keynote, and what inspiration he has gained from Star Wars.


National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology
Dr. Miller's Animal Behavior Podcast
ScreenFlow 4 by Telestream