2 Design Changes That Follow All Brain Rules

Dr. Medina's Brain Rules are fascinating. Not in the same way that Brian Greene's eloquent description of The Elegant Universe is fascinating. No, it is much simpler than that. In fact, Brain Rules are fascinating because they are simple. While they are based on years of complicated scientific research and their implications are far reaching, Dr. Medina's rules to survive at home, work, and school are so simple that it is fascinating that we didn't think of them earlier. In a similar way, it is nearly laughable to me that PowerPoint slides are still designed in a complicated and counter-intuitive manner. Due largely to the misused hierarchical organization techniques that are the foundation of Microsoft's templates, professors, lecturers, and students continue to fill their slides with line after line of boring, bulleted text.

Fortunately, the steps to improving lecture slides are as straight forward and obvious as are Brain Rules. In fact, there are two design changes that can be used on any slide deck to instantly improve it's effectiveness.

  1. Use Less Text
  2. Use More Images

In upcoming posts, I will explore each of these in more detail and give practical examples of how they can make an impact. For now, see how you can apply them to your lecture slides.