Do you want to see a great presentation?

It's not often that you get to see a presentation and think, "Wow." I'm not talking about the "whoa dude! That was so awesome!" kind of reaction. What I'm talking about is when you know that the message you just heard was exactly what the presenter meant for you to hear, and that the whole experience was simple and clear. I recently had this experience watching the keynote at Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference. Picture 10.png Go ahead, chuckle, snort, you can even post a snarky comment about me being an Apple fanboy. It's alright. Because it's true. I love Apple and everything they stand for. I'm not saying that they are a perfect organization or that this presentation didn't have any flaws (in fact, there were two obvious errors in this keynote). It's just that their simple, direct approach to business, product design, marketing – and presenting – make it so that little, if anything, is misunderstood.

Go ahead and watch just a little bit of it.

Notice how there is rarely any text on the screen. Picture 2.png Beautiful, high quality images are used in place of bullet points. Picture 9.png Simple, easy to read graphs. Picture 7.png Transitions are used appropriately to create emphasis. Picture 6.png Not to mention a clutter free stage, large projector screen, the use of light humor, repetition, seamless transitions between speakers, and more. Picture 12.png

Seriously, just watch a bit if you have some time.

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