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I was browsing Slideshare, as I am wont to do, and came across this excellent new presentation by Kevin Gee. It's actually a slidecast, which means it includes his audio narration.
The Science of Presentation summarizes cognitive and educational psychology research as it applies to presentations. Kevin begins by explaining how our intuition does not always lead us to correct principles. This is so true! I frequently repeat that bad presentation design is not really the presenter's fault. They just do what the software and social norms dictate.

Kevin proceeds with 3 main topics:

1. Summary of Cognitive Theory

2. Factors for Effectiveness

3. Application

In the third section, Kevin does a great job of taking a poorly designed slide and transforming it into a few slides that are designed with the brain in mind.

My favorite part about the presentation: Kevin practices what he preaches. The whole presentation is well designed and does not distract from his narration.

The Science Of Presentations
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